The Back to the Future Trilogy

A discussion about the original Back to the Future film trilogy, limited to what is seen on screen, printed in various drafts of the scripts or the novels, or implied through dialogue.



Bob Gale's 'Number Two' script!

started by TimeTraveller on Sunday January 9th 2005

For all of you who have been patiently waiting, the long awaited debut of Bob Gale's infamous "Number Two" script in which Marty & Doc travel to 1967 for the second film instead of 1955 will appear exclusively on in just a matter of a few days in the "LATEST NEWS" button once that area also relaunched. Stay tuned...

last post: by qianyouwui on Thursday May 9th 2013



Moving up on IMDb

started by tass on Sunday May 15th 2005

just seen that BTTF ranks at #135, up from #144. it now has an average 8.1 score up from 8.0! let's make it to 10.0!

last post: by horaghn on Wednesday March 6th 2013


Replies Exclusive! Christopher Lloyd as 'Doc Brown' in New York!

started by TimeTraveller on Wednesday February 13th 2008

Not exactly sure why absolutely no one has made mention of this story in the 6 days it's been posted on the front page of, but I thought I'd add this thread here for all of you who apparently never look at the front page of the site anymore: Perhaps the 66-second Quicktime video clip we just added to the story will help everyone's excitement get out of first gear....

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Back to the Future Part III - theatrical cut, broadcast cut, and home video cut

started by witwnotw1 on Saturday June 1st 2013

It wasn't unheard of at the time BTTF3 was released that theatrical cuts differed slightly from home video releases and broadcast versions (examples: Ghostbusters II ending scene had Slimer in the theatrical release and Army of Darkness was very different on cable).  My memory has always insisted that there were a few minor differences between what I saw in the theater vs. what I saw on VHS for Back to the Future Part III.


Specifically, the scene in which Doc and Marty uncover the DeLorean in the cave took much more effort to unearth.  It wasn't anything exciting, it just took more time for them to break through the wall.


There is a picture of a deleted scene from the cave here:


Someone else also claims the cut they saw differed from home video:


This has me thinking I didn't imagine the extended scene.  I also found something online that indicated the NBC broadcast version may be a slightly different cut.  Has anyone else encountered these slightly different cuts of the movie?  Would love to see them.

last post: by BuTTFhead on Thursday June 27th 2013




started by BuTTFhead on Tuesday June 25th 2013

check it out ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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Does The Old Crew Still Post Here?

started by DocsGirl on Monday January 4th 2010

Its been SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO long. Like Blind Spot, and all of us girls that love all still post here?

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A question about BTTF3

started by Rhodium Man on Monday January 31st 2011

We all know that Doc's Time machine needs 4 things to time travel: 88 mph, 1.21 jigowats of elecricity, a Flux capacitor, and working time circuits.

At the beginning of BTTF3, Doc's in the old west with 1885-tech and the actual DeLorean time machine, complete except for just one tiny little burnout in the time circuits. It has gasoline to get it up to 88 mph, it has the Mr.Fusion providing the 1.21 jigowats, it has a Flux Capacitor, but it won't work because of that tiny little burnout in the time circuits. Doc has 3 out of the 4 things he needs, but he can't fix it. He says the bare minimum replacement parts he would need to fix it won't be around until 1937. Or 1947, whatever. I forget. That's why he leaves the DeLorean time machine in the mine for Marty to find in 1955.

When Doc had a full time machine(minus one tiny burnout), with 3 of the 4 things he needs to time travel, he couldn't make it work. But at the end of BTTF3, when Marty saves Doc's life and then goes to the future and leaves Doc with just a 2015 hoverboard, with 0 of the 4 things he needs to time travel, he makes it work? What does the hoverboard have that the full time machine(minus one tiny burnout) didn't have?

And I know he built the new time machine from scratch because I sure-as-sugar-sunshine know he didn't use the hoverboard's parts to fix the DeLorean in the old mine. Can you say major paradox? If he took the DeLorean out of the mine it wouldn't be there for Marty in 1955 and then Marty wouldn't have gone back in time and then Doc would be dead instead of alive and with the hoverboard.



Can anyone explain this to me please?

last post: by BuTTFhead on Sunday June 23rd 2013



The easy way to get Marty back to the future

started by BSD12345 on Thursday November 10th 2011

Okay, so the lightning sequence was brilliant. But if the lightning idea had failed, or Marty simply did not know about it, and there was no other way of generating the required power, there would have actually been a much simpler way to get Marty back to the future.

As Doc said in Part 3, "you're not thinking fourth dimensionally!" While Doc may not have any plutonium in 1955, he WILL have plutonium in 1985. When that time comes, Doc can simply go back to 1955, pick up Marty and take him home. If you're confused, I'll give a more detailed explanation as to how that would work.

Doc would basically store the DeLorean in a secure place similar to what he did in 1885. Assuming he does this before the 12th of November, he would then ask Marty to go to a particular location after he has succeeded in getting his parents together. Then when 1985 comes around and Marty has been sent back in time, Doc would uncover the DeLorean from 1955 and go back to the 12th of November 1955 and go to the exact location where he told Marty to go in 1955. So after the Enchantment Under the Sea dance, Marty would go to the location and would find 1985 Doc in a fully functional DeLorean. They would go back to 1985 together and everything would be solved.

Of course, I'm not suggesting that that's what they should have done in the film. It's just something I discovered and thought I'd mention it.

last post: by Ms Fusion on Saturday June 22nd 2013



Questions in time.

started by TimeLyons on Sunday August 28th 2011

How old is Doc Brown? and Why doesn't Marty know about the time machine before the night of the big event?

last post: by Ms Fusion on Saturday June 22nd 2013



Why did they let Old Biff return to 2015?

started by kroni_hunter on Thursday November 10th 2011

Maybe I'm just a jerk, but wouldn't it have been easier to just kill Old Biff in 1955 instead of hiding in the back of Young Biff's car?  The guy was evil, he abused Marty's mom and killed his dad, does nothing but cause trouble for everyone around him and now possess dangerous knowledge of a time machine that can unravel the spacetime continuim.  There was just too much risk in letting Old Biff go through with his plan, when they could have just gunned him down and taken the almanac.  Then Doc could take Old Biff's Delorean and Marty could take their Delorean to 2015, leaving Biff's for their past selves to retrieve and using theirs to go back home

last post: by Ms Fusion on Friday June 21st 2013

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